A Visit From The Store Manager Is The Last Thing She Expected. This Is Too Epic!

Candace from Texas is a mother of two who loves to take life with the simplicity it needs. So on this day, she had just celebrated a birthday. While she was browsing in a local store, she decided to get herself a simple gift. The gift she chose was nothing but an interesting toy. When she had aid for it, she decided to try it in the parking lot. That’s when she felt so tickled by it that she decided to take a video of herself wearing and post it.

The caption she chose for the video is “The Simple Joys In Life.” She has never been more right in her life!

The video became an instant hit within 48 hours. It had over 115 million views and you have probably seen it yourself. If you haven’t, then take a moment and watch it now.

The store decided to thank Candace for the shoppers who were buying it courtesy of her great review. The laughter-inducing mask was selling, courtesy of her. They showed up at her house with a huge gift. Please SHARE this video with friends if you also believe it’s the simple stuff in life that brings lots of joy, everyday.

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