A Whale Swims Under His Paddle Board. His Reaction? Unbelievable!

This video is about a man named Rich, a famous German who had always dreamed of seeing the Orcas in person. The Orcas is mostly referred to as the killer whale. Since this man wanted to pursue his dream, he decided to go to Laguna Beach in California to see the marine animals that were in the beach using the paddle board. This was his usual habit but this trip became somehow special to him.

This clip shows his reaction when he encountered the Orcas. What a dream come true! I just wonder how brave this guy must have been. As for me, I would not even prefer to be near to this killer whale since I know how dangerous it is. Surprisingly enough, this man was happy and excited. He had expected to see these killer whales that day and he managed to see them. His instincts were actually right when he made his mind to paddle the board towards the direction he thought he would find them. To his amazement, he saw five big whales and one went through his paddle board. This is one of the most memorable days in Rich’s life.

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