A Young Boy Sacrifices For His Friend. What He Does? So Touching!

We have always heard about people having best friends who have always said they would do anything for them. What surprises me is the fact that they just say they can do anything for their friends, but when such a time comes, they do nothing. In this clip, you are going to witness what true friendship means.

In this video, we see two young boys, named Zac and Vincent. The two are great friends and they even go to school together. Vincent is later diagnosed with cancer of the white blood cells. His friend Zac does not really understand the problem Vincent is facing, but he clearly knows there is something wrong with Vincent. He goes ahead to look for money with the help of his mother. The two start selling handmade scarves and they eventually collect $ 200 for Vincent.

This is very encouraging! At some point we notice Vincent losing his hair and he feels embarrassed to the point that he cannot go to school. Zac decided to shave his hair so that they can be alike. This is really touching! This boy will grow up to be a loving and a caring man.

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