After Being Called Ugly And A ‘Fat Piece Of Garbage,’ She Made A Bold Move To Inspire All!

While growing up, Ivina Rayne was not overweight. She was in an abusive relationship which stressed her and as a result started eating junk food and before she could realize it, she was overweight.

The mother of two who comes from Philadelphia was not strong enough to walk away from the relationship-something that happens in many relationships out there. So when she weighed 274 pounds, she was called by her boyfriends a “fat piece of garbage” that will never lose weight or attract any other man. She had pre-diabetes, anxiety attacks and high blood pressure, and it badly affected her health.

Back in 2009, she made up her mind to change everything, she knew her little ones depend on her and had to do something about it.

Below, you can witness her amazing transformation.


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32-year-old Alvina Rayne was in an abusive relationship and as a result developed food addiction and depression which made her to be an overweight.



Caters News Agency

She was called “ugly” and a “fat piece of garbage” by her boyfriend.


Caters News Agency

She ended up with pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, severe anxiety, left ventricular hypertrophy and polycystic ovary syndrome.


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Despite that, she was not strong enough to leave him. After many years of abuse, she finally gathered the courage and finally dumped her boyfriend.


Alvina Rayne

After dumping him back in 2009, she made a complete lifestyle and diet overhaul.

Not only did Alvina get rid of her abusive boyfriend, but in 2009 she made a complete diet and lifestyle overhaul and was able to lose 130 pounds!


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We hope this can inspire many out there. Even her ex-boyfriend wanted her back, but told him that will never happen.


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Now she has Sascha, a man who loves and treats her as if she is “gold.” She surely had the last laugh!


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She is now advising other women out there that with love, all is possible and they should never hesitate to make the bold move.

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