An Abandoned Toddler Discovered A Secret Hidden Under A Family Tree – You Can’t Guess!

This story sounds like something picked from a fiction film, but I assure you it’s real.

Jennifer was abandoned at the hospital by her two parents, on the day she was born. The reason being, she was born without legs. She was then adopted by a loving couple from Illinois. They raised her and instilled in her, the confidence to achieve her dreams – to become a professional athlete and gymnast.

Jennifer’s childhood hero was none other than Dominique Moceanu. While everybody else attempted to discourage her from accomplishing her dream, her adoptive parents encouraged her to excel in whatever she chose. At the age of seven, she was already on the path to becoming a champion gymnastic.

But that’s only the beginning of her life career, as time went by; Jenifer began to dominate her sport and even became Illinois State’s tumbling champion.

One day, Jennifer decided to ask her parents out of curiosity who her biological parents were. She wanted to know what her surname would have been, had she has not been abandoned at birth. What she heard sent a chilling effect through her body…

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