An Arrogant Old Woman Did This To An Exhausted Mom On A Train. Shame!

In England, priority passengers can get first-class seats on trains. These are the disabled, the elderly, the expectant and such. But something happened just recently, and it’s really a mind-boggling debate.

So this mom boards a plane. She’s with her infant son that’s making her very tired. When she looks around in the train, she notices a seat. However, an elderly lady sitting next to it won’t let her take the first-class seat because she has “reserved” it for her bag. When the innocent mother asks her to move the bag, the elder explodes into verbal nastiness. What the heck!

For a while, a debate goes between the two women until other people start joining in. Some of them even pick the old woman’s side, telling the mom to leave the seat. But there are the nasty people, and then there are the kind people. Just then, someone from the front section offers the mom a seat. Awesome!

Watch this and decide. What do you think of this?

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