An Elephant Was Stuck In The Mud For Twelve Hours. Later, Something Wonderful Happened! WOW!

This video shows how an elephant was stuck in the mud for twelve hours before being rescued. This incident happened next to Chyulu Hills National park in Kenya. This poor elephant was searching for water and he slide into a muddy pit. The young elephant did its best to get out of the muddy pit, but that proved futile due to its big size. More so, the area has clay soil and the more the elephant tried to get out of the pit the more it slides.

The residents of the area found the distressed elephant trying to escape from the pit and they realized the elephant needed help. Since the locals could not pull the elephant out of the hole by themselves, they informed the wildlife conservationist who requested the help of a construction company.  The construction company accepted to offer them help. The company used an excavator to dig out the mud and the young elephant was back to its freedom.

Jeremy Goss, a wildlife photographer and a conservation scientist recorded everything that happened during that incident. I am happy that the young elephant was eventually freed.

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