An IED Exploded Under His Body And He Lost His Limps, But You Want To Know About This Soldier’s Girlfriend. Incredible!

They say you only know who really cares for you when you’re down looking to see who picks you up. I had to totally agree with that after watching this emotional video.

Now, the Navy runs a specialized team of warriors called the Explosive ordinance Disposal (EOD), and it only takes in members who show the ability to remain stable and calm under extreme pressure. That’s how Taylor Morris was qualified to join the team, and he quickly shone through to the higher ranks to attain the status of team leader.

The young warrior, at 23, led his team for a special operation in 2012. Taylor accidentally stepped on an IED, and his four limps were blown off. As he recovered, his girlfriend of 9 years behaved in a way that made his story go viral. Daniela never left his side, and things become even sweeter when in 2014, he proposed to her. What a love!

This story is particularly emotional, and I had to get a few rolls of tissue to get through it. Please watch and SHARE this heart-touching story with everyone on Facebook!


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