Ariana Gave A Presidential Performance Of Whitney’s Hit. And She Killed It!

Ariana Grande is a singer with a bright future ahead.

At this event at the White House, the U.S president’s official residence and the center of power, this beauty stuns everyone as she takes on “I Have Nothing,” one of Whitney Houston’s greatest hits of all time. From the look of it, you’ll decide that this cute singer isn’t bluffing about her music career, and it’s poised to be one of the longest singing careers we’ve witnessed yet.

When Ariana Grande combines her beauty with an amazing performance, it’s hard not to notice and decide that she is really one of the best singers capable of putting a smile on the president. Everyone is impressed with her, and you will too!

Watch the clip and listen to her captivating vocals as she goes up and down the tones and the pitches. She doesn’t miss a pitch even though she didn’t compose the song, and that should tell you how well this songbird can do in music! This lady is truly talented.

See the full video and let us know if you think Ariana Grande really did justice to this classic hit by Whitney Houston – who was by the way an iconic singer.

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