At Just 3 Months Of Age, This Baby Can Show A Lot Of Love…And Even Say It!

When you have a toddler, you never expect them to start muttering any audible words until they’ve grown enough. However, you might be interested to know about whether or not extra-ordinary things really happen.

In the video, you have a dad and his little kid having something that sounds like a chat. The father is tasked with saying some words while the kid tries to match him. Now, keep in mind that this child is just about 3 months old. But that’s not the shocker. It’s what happens finally that’s the real shocker.

So dad gets to a certain point and decides to try out something out of the ordinary. He says “I love you.” Now, if you listen and watch carefully, you’ll hear the kid saying “I love you!” How many 3-month-olds can do that? None other, you say?

In fact, everyone who watches this thinks this kid is turning out to be a great genius, and I don’t believe you’ll feel like disputing it after watching this.

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