At The Age Of Nine, Bullies Had A Reason To Bully Her. What Her Parents Did? Amazing!

I know there are obese children around the world. These children are always bullied and tormented because of their weight. At some point these kids might be performing poorly since their time in school has been turned into torture. Such kids are always quiet since they know that whatever they speak will be turned into something like a joke.

In this video, things are not different. We meet Breanna Bond, who at the age of nine was being tormented because of her weight- she weighed 200 pounds. This weight was too much for her and she had difficulties in walking and breathing. Apart from that, her weight was also posing a health risk and her parents decided to do something for their kids.

Her mother came up with a zero tolerance policy program that was to be followed by everyone in the house. They walked four miles four times a week. They also changed their eating habits and made sure they ate healthy foods. After some time, Breanna began losing weight. During her summer break, she became active and by the time she was going back to school, her friends could not believe how much weight she had lost. Watch this clip to see Breanna’s transformation. Please remember to SHARE it with your Facebook friends to inspire them to lead a healthy life.


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