Baboon Decides To Teach A Young Girl Some Manners. Too Funny!

These girls had just visited this zoo to have a good time with their parents when one of them decided that she was going to feed the baboons. The trouble was, the baboon was caged and she needed to get closer in order to feed it. Against the advice of most zoos that require you not to feed the animals, she decided to throw food at it. The food somehow got through the mesh and hit the baboon. She thought that the baboon was going to have a great day for getting free lunch. However that is not how the baboon saw it, to the baboon, this girl was just being disrespectful to it.

That is why it decided to teach her a lesson. It thought of hurling something at her and settled on using its poop. The problem was that it did not just hurl the poop at her, the poop also landed on the other people who were near her. That included her sister, dad, and the other dad and girls who were with them. Before the dads realized that the poop had landed on them too, they had started lecturing their girls on the importance of good behavior and respect. It turns out; keeping good company should be the first lesson.

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