Baby Dead And Rotting In A Crib For A Month? You Must Be Kidding. I Just Can’t Believe This!

Sometimes, we get treated to some very gruesome videos and news items that threaten to tear our hearts apart, but we still want to know because it’s the only way we can work against it. Sometimes it’s so evil you wonder whether some people are really human.

Take this trending case of one Eric Warfel. The 34-year-old lives in Medina, Ohio. Well, he’s getting charged now, and for something that’s going to really shock you.

What would you say about a situation whereby a utility company gets into someone’s home, and while at his good work, discovers a dead child? Now, couple that with the sad fact that this child has been dead for almost a year and still hidden in the house. That’s what a cable company worker found at Eric Warfel’s home, and it’s really killing me.

But the law isn’t blind, and this man is now being dragged across court corridors. He’s been charged with abuse of a corpse and drug abuse. It’s even worse to think that this person was entrusted with the full custody of the kid. I’m crying!

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