Baby Panda Encounters With A Toy Pony For The First Time, Now Look What He Is Doing. So Funny!

God really knew what he was doing when he created wild animals. Of all the wild animals, my favorite is the panda. It is so lovely to just watch these lovely creatures playing around with each other or some other animals.

One sure place where I would love to go before I die is Chengdu Research Base. This is the biggest place where they do breed the Giant Pandas. In this place that I consider a heaven for them, the pandas are taken care of in a great way. People from all over the world are allowed to visit the place and have a good time watching them. In the clip below, you will witness one little lovely panda playing with a toy.

The caretaker of the little panda had brought a toy pony and placed it in a place where the panda would spot it. When he saw the toy, he never gave a second thought but approach and climb on its back. Mrpenta, a YouTube user, was so moved with the panda in that he filmed it all. The little creature of one year seemed to struggle with balancing and holding the toy, a thing that the visitors found to be very funny.

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