Baby Shakes Doctor’s Hand From Inside The Womb – Strange But True!

When the time came for baby Neveah to be delivered, her name is actually pronounced as “Heaven, by reading it backwards,” her parents were as prepared as any parent could be. However, they were not prepared for what happened when the time came.

The doctor, Dr. Sawyer, was the one to help in the delivery of baby “Heaven,” in Glendale, Arizona. The delivery was going to be a C-section, scheduled to happen back in 2013. It was when the baby was being pulled from the womb when the doctor called the baby’s father Randy to come and see something.

What he saw caught him by surprise, and he rushed to get a camera. The baby had got hold of the doctor’s finger with her tiny grip! As he rushed for the camera, he hoped that the baby would just hold onto the finger for a few more seconds. Just long enough for him to capture this wonderful moment for the mother, and for her when she grows old enough to understand the cute moment.

She did not let him down; take a look at this wonderful moment, happening between mother, baby and doctor. I wonder whether the baby was helping them to pull her out. What do you think? Comment and share with friends.


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