Baby Silas’ Delivery Stunned The Doctors. When You Will Discover Why? A Complete Shock!

I highly suspect if the doctors who helped this woman deliver were anticipating what took place. Baby Silas’ mother was only 26 weeks pregnant and none expected the baby to be born that soon. As revealed within this video, Silas was born via C-section as a premature birth and when he emerged, an amniotic sac still encased him. Chelsea Phillips who is Silas’ mother was not aware of whatever that was taking place until later on when she was shown pictures by her mother.

Rarely do you come across medical conditions like this and it’s understandable why the doctors who were present were full of shock. As revealed by BabyMed, “en-caul” is the term used to describe births in which the baby is fully covered by the amniotic sac whereas those where only the head is covered are known as caul births. Statistics show that in 80,000 births, only one birth can be a caul or “en-caul” birth. When the situation is attended to as required, the life of the child is safe

You will be stunned when you watch what Phillips went through while delivering Silas. This stunning experience is worth to be SHARED and do not forget to leave your comments below!


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