Babysitter Caught On Camera Maltreating Children – This Must Stop!

Parents want their best for the children. They pay rigorous attention while choosing a babysitter. Some will even conduct a background check before hiring the nanny. Some parents will hire nannies that end up being a nightmare.

In the footage below, posted on 4/4/2016, meet a daycare worker and parents who learned a lesson the hard way.

Desiree, a Child Protective Investigator, was looking for a nanny for her baby girl. Someone recommended Christina Williamson, a 28-year old who owned a day care in their locality.

Desiree trusted Christina with her infant. Christina kept in touch with the officer, sending her photos and updating her on the little girl’s wellbeing. As a result, no one suspected anything was amiss.

Desiree was at work when she received a call from her supervisor instructing her to pick her daughter from the daycare center. The mom did as instructed, and she received some shocking news. Williamson had been physically abusing her daughter.

Williamson’s husband noticed his wife’s strange behavior towards the kids under her care. The husband set up a hidden camera. He was appalled by his wife’s behavior and maltreatment.

The man gave the footage to the police, and the wife was arrested. Luckily, though, the kids were safe.

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