BACA Changed This Kid’s Life Forever. This Story Will Really Touch You!

It’s nice for a kid to have a dad, even if it’s a step-dad, but it’s never a smooth life for a kid when the step-dad starts abusing them. This family had that kind of experience, but they weren’t to live like that forever. I love these guys!

FA was just 10 years of age when her step-dad turned into an animal. He started abusing her. The little kid was always scared, even at times bathing with her clothes on. She even lost her appetite. Imagine that!

But things took another turn when the gentlemen and women from Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) finally stepped in to help. They rolled up into the home and changed FA’s life. They would escort her to school and make her feel safe. The step-dad was also thrown in jail. In fact, FA’s mom, Mother Duck, admits that she was so happy to finally see her kid smile again after 3 long years of torment. That must have been some real reprieve for the family.

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