Bad-mannered Teens Learn Karma Is Real When They Disrespect The Janitor – Watch!

Teenagers are known to be outright rude and disrespectful. Probably, it is peer pressure, the upsurge in hormones or they are simply testing the limits of others. While parents are expected to instill good behavior, sometimes outsiders play a major role too.

Edogio is a school janitor. Each day, Edogio has to deal with lipstick prints on the mirrors. The janitor knew the teenage girls were showing disrespectful behavior to him and the school property.

The janitor consulted the principal, and she issued a warning. The principal’s warning made matters worse. The number of lipstick prints on the mirror increased two-fold.  The janitor, with the help of the principal, came up with a clever plan. The two identified the notorious girls and had a surprise for them.

The janitor did something that left a bad taste in the girls’ mouth. I bet they will stop kissing any mirrors.

Watch the creative move by the janitor. The look on the girls’ faces is PRICELESS.

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