Banks Surprises Wife Whose Husband Has Alzheimer’s. It’s Too Emotional!

If you have never known, the phrase “thank you” has the capability of making a huge difference. But can you remember when you last used those words to compliment someone?

As an organization, TD Bank had that in mind when they created TD Thank Accounts. They were going to use those accounts to offer personalized gifts to their deserving clients as a means of appreciation. When unsuspecting customers visited the bank, they were not aware of the awaiting surprise.

From helping a student fulfil her dreams of being an art student to assisting a customer have an accessible home, they pulled out all sorts of surprises. They were under the #TDThanksYou campaign for the year 2016.

One of those who benefited from those surprises was Linda, a caregiver. Linda’s husband has Alzheimer’s disease and all through she was the one taking care of him – that means even if she wanted to take a break, she could not do it. That is what TD Bank Changed.

The moment she approached the teller, a receipt with a special message printed out. That is when the teller surprised her with an unexpected gift. It made her speechless and she couldn’t control her tears.

You can watch how it happened in the clip below.

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