Best man’s pants fall down in middle of ceremony. But it’s what priest says that has entire church erupt in laughter

You’re probably wondering why in this whole white world people can find fun in someone else’s misfortune. However, in the case of this best man, the church congregation just couldn’t hold it. You’re about to have one heck of a burst!

The scene is set at a wedding ceremony going on in a church. At this point, we all know the best man and other important “wedding personnel” are seriously needed. On this occasion, we have this best man who happens to have quite an unfortunate accident. Imagine the best man losing his trousers on the wedding day!

The good thing about this whole thing is the incredible fun it instigated among the guests. Everyone roared with laughter at what they had just witnessed, however, it was only the beginning. Even crazier things happened!

Have you ever had one of those moments where you started laughing and just couldn’t stop? Well, that’s exactly what happened to the groom!

Despite being at the altar on his wedding day, he could not get rid of his laughing fit after the best man’s misfortune. What’s even more hysterical is that he’s wearing a microphone, so you can hear his child-like laugh loud and clear in the video.

This is so funny! Watch as the event turns into a giggling session with the whole church up in an unstoppable hysteric moment.

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