Blind Man Sees His Family For The First Time, His Reaction? It Can’t Get Any Better!

Most of us take our sight for granted. Do you imagine living in a world of darkness; not seeing who and what is around you?

Gene lives in Denver. Gene suffered from Stargardt disease 16 years ago that made him lose his eyesight. He could only see the faint glimpse around the edges in his surroundings.

After Gene’s diagnosis, he met and fell in love with Joy. The two married and had a baby boy, Lincoln. The problem, though; Gene could not see his wife or son.
Joy was watching The Racheal Ray Show one afternoon. One person had Stargardt disease and had the chance to see using a special pair of electronic glasses. Joy reached out and hoped her husband would have that golden chance.

On October 19, 2016, a miracle happened. Joy, her husband, and one-year child went to the show. Gene wore the magical pair of glasses, looked over at his young family and was dumbfounded.

“She’s pretty” slipped from his lips. What followed was a roller coaster of emotions.

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