Bullies Wanted To Take Advantage Of The Expectant Broadcaster, Her Response Will Leave You Thinking!

A weather news forecaster by the name, Katie Fehlinger works at CBS Philly. Not very long ago, she noticed online insults by people that her body was horrific, due to the weight gain she had been experiencing.

One bully went ahead to make a reference that she was like a sausage placed in a casing. Although being in front of the cameras can result to all types of talks, she decided that enough was enough, so she saw no other better option but to advocate for all the mothers in the world.
Actually her body was gaining weight due to the 35 weeks old twins that she was carrying in her belly. To some people, this process appears to look absurd to them.

The response that she gave to all the mom insulters around the world was so influencing that it gained popularity within a short period of time.

Her answer made me recall another woman called Rebecca Livingston who also responded to a spectator who called her fat. Even though she was not expectant, to her that was the correct way to judge people.

Take a look at the video below of the amazing support she received on Facebook. Please SHARE this to all moms around the world!


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