Can You Guess What This Machine Is? Many Have Failed To Get Even Close!

Technology always changes for the better, but before new technology comes, we always appreciate what we have. Life in the old days when technology was mostly mechanical and electrical in nature was quite challenging. The things people had to endure to get stuff like curly hair meant that they made a sacrifice that involved more than just paying for the service. They also had to spend a long time for the service and the result were at best mediocre, compared to what the modern electronic devices give us. The micro-controllers in modern devices also mean that they do not need a human to control and make them precise.

In the picture below, take a look at the device with what looks like strands of equal length. Try to see what they look like and determine if you can tell what the machine used to do. It might be a difficult but just know that about one in 10,000 people actually ever get it right the first time. You can watch the video to find out what the answer is. Would you have used the machine to get the service that it was used to offer?



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