Cancer Made Him Donate His Sperm. 23 Years Later? A Must Watch!

When Alex Powell was just 15 years old, the doctors who did a medical checkup told him that he had cancer, and needed to immediately start a chemotherapy so as to fight it at an early stage. Patricia, his stepmother, advised him to donate his sperms, of which he never knew its importance until later.

The reason as to why she opted for her stepson to donate the sperms was that she had the opportunity of meeting another mother who her son of 18 years was too suffering from cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy. The talk motivated Patricia to investigate the side effects of chemotherapy of which infertility was one of them.

Just for taking preventive measures, Patricia told Alex to go and donate sperms at a sperm bank. As you know of how teens behave, he got upset but listened to her advice and did it. His sperms were frozen and Alex forgot that action for several years that passed. The good news is that he managed to overcome the cancer, but then a complication happened that made him remember that he had some sperms in a sperm bank.

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Alex Powell grew up in Melbourne, Australia, in the care of his stepmom, Patricia. He was a normal teenage boy — but on his 15th birthday, he was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma.

Doctors advised Alex to receive chemotherapy immediately.

But earlier that morning, Patricia happened to meet a woman and her son. Patricia was surprised to learn that the woman’s son also had cancer, and had undergone radio therapy that had stunted his growth. This got Patricia thinking about chemotherapy’s less commonly known side effects, including infertility.

Though it was painfully awkward for both stepmom and stepson to discuss, Patricia suggested to Alex that he freeze his sperm, just in case he wanted to have children in the future. So, in the 1990s, he did exactly that.

By the time he reached adulthood, Alex went into remission, never putting much thought into his frozen sperm.

By 2013, Alex was married to a woman named Vi. The happy couple wanted to start a family, which reminded Alex of that embarrassing day back in the ’90s when he gave a sperm sample.

He was nervous that the sperm, which had been frozen for nearly 23 years, would no longer be viable.

After a year of fertility treatments and nearly one-half of his frozen sperm, Alex and Vi welcomed baby Xavier. He was born on June 17, 2015.

Xavier is now being hailed the world’s oldest baby. He holds the world record for being made with the oldest sperm ever used in successful IVF treatments.

Dr. Soto of the Sidney Children’s Hospital is on a mission to urge oncologists to educate their patients about the effects that chemotherapy has on fertility. She’s also campaigning to get federal government assistance for fertility storage and IVF treatments, both of which can be extremely costly.

However, the Powell family prove its incredible success.

As an awkward, scared 15-year-old boy, Alex never imagined that his stepmom’s strange suggestion would lead to such an incredible miracle.

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