Cat Gets In A Glass Box, What Happens Next Is Hard To Believe.. WOW!

Every day has its own surprises – and today we have another one. What was this cat owner thinking about when he decided to be this inventive?

We have always known “CrazyMrJohn,” a YouTube user as a creative pet owner from the projects he has previously carried out. Today he has come up with an elevator which his cat uses whenever it needs to move to the ground floor. His cat is a bit older and when he noticed it had trouble using the stairs, he decided to come up with this invention.

The elevator is positioned at the outside part of the house and I liked it so much because it’s fully operated by the cat. By using the device, it can comfortably visit the garden whenever it feels like. The owner revealed that an infrared flap is fitted into the cabin which can only be accessed by his cat.

Here, the cat hops into the cabin and pushes a button and then the elevator starts going down. It then has to wait patiently until it reaches down. I doubt whether it still remembers there are stairs in the house.

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