Child Speaks To Her Dead Father And Reveals This To Mom… Shocking!

Jacie’s dad passed away when she was a small child during the 9/11 assail on the World Trade Center. Soon after his father died, Jacie’s mother, Lisa, saw her child showing odd conduct.

Lisa began getting her child, four years old, having a talk with herself, apparently having full-on discussions in vacant rooms. Lisa states she would ask her who she was chatting with. Jacie would respond saying it was her father she was talking to. Lisa desired to step calmly, but she pushed her child about these discussions.

Full of self-belief and sincerity, Jacie disclosed she could notice her daddy and his “young men,” a grouping that comprised of her uncle and her dad’s pals who had also died.

Jacie could consistently list the names of her father’s colleagues executed in the 9/11 assail and places their forenames to their faces; these were individuals Jacie had not heard of nor came across before her daddy’s passing away.

Despite the fact that this is one kind of tale we do not hear about each day, it is not the only time somebody has alleged to bond with the spirit world. I had a cold feeling by the end of this recording.

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