Children Are Not Only Adorable, But They Can Do Miraculous Stuff. Ever Seen This?

Unlike adults, children are still very impressionable, both in their thoughts and physically. They learn stuff easily because they are not yet set in their ways. They find new stuff interesting, and that makes them fast learners. Unlike adults who have made up their mind about what is best for them, and what is not best for them, children look at everything positively. They see any stuff as just things you do if you want to do them. Children find it easy to ask someone to teach them, unlike adults who feel there is more important things to do than learn from someone else what they have never learned to do on their own.

In the video below, we see a two-year-old girl skating perfectly when the music starts playing. The fact that she is just two years old and able to skate is in itself more of a miracle. There are children who at that age are still struggling to walk, but not for her.

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