Construction Workers Surprise A Sick Child Who Kept On Looking Out Of The Hospital Window..

Two-year-old Vivian was diagnosed with childhood leukemia in 2005. She was a patient at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

One day, Vivian sat by the window and watched the construction workers from her hospital window. The little girl spent most of her time at the window, watching and waving to the construction workers. Surprisingly, Vivian got herself a construction hat.

Two construction workers, Travis and Greg, noticed the fascination from Vivian. The two smiled and waved back at her. Vivian and the two construction workers developed a special connection on either side of the glass.

Ginger, Vivian’s mom, noticed that Travis and Greg were trying to get Vivian’s attention.

The construction had a special message for Vivian. The message was spray-painted on the construction beams.

The heart melting message from the workers was meant to cheer the sickly girl. It was a simple yet powerful gesture to Vivian.

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