Conversation Between Toddler And Dad Will Leave You In Hysteria – Watch!

Can you name anything that is cuter than a baby? They are like some little laughter machines. Anything they do will put a smile on your face.

In the video below, the baby has a million things to say. The problem, though nobody understands her baby talk. The 8-month-girl response to her father will leave you in stitches.

Children pick a lot of things from their environment. They will watch and imitate the activities around them. In most instances, they do not even understand what they are doing or saying.

Kids are continually learning and adapting to new information. They may not express what is on their mind, but the try.

Baby talk is an important aspect of the baby’s journey to self-discovery. Parents and caregivers should pay attention to the googly sounds the babies make.

Smile, nod or do anything that will show you are paying attention. Patience is a vital trait in such cases. Additionally, be actively engaged in the conversation.

Watch the video and see the priceless look on her father’s face as the 8-month-old ‘talks”.

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