Cop Carries A Semi-Automatic Into An Elevator. What Happens Next Will Have Everyone Sobering Up. Oh My!

Disclaimer: Viewer discretion advised!

Some people really need to know more about guns, and this one cop clearly needs that. When Officer Darryl Jouett accompanied his dear wife into an elevator, he had no idea that he was going to get out lying on a stretcher.

So it happened that this Cincinnati cop had a gun in his holster, but he couldn’t keep it there properly, and the gun somehow slid off. Being the cop that he was, Darryl had to re-holster the gun, but the things became risky when he couldn’t do it properly and he ended up fumbling about with firearm to keep it from falling on the floor. Then something very bad happened.

There was a shot, and officer Jouett went down., a YouTube user, says that the .40 caliber had fired into the elevator, and the bullet bounced and got the cop in the stomach.

However, the officer survived, and he was taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and treated for non-fatal injuries.

Hopefully, this incident has taught all gun holders a lesson in handling firearms, and most especially this particular police officer.

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