Cops Got To This Homeless Man Before He Could Get Away And Did This To Him… Unbelievable!

From what’s in this nice video, we can all afford to categorically state that not all police officers are bad guys, as some people might try to have you believe. What these two partners did to a homeless man is more than good.

Officer Felix Barrigan and his partner, all from Houston, were on duty doing their usual rounds, and then they came across this one guy begging at an intersection. Before the man could flee, they had pulled up right in front of him, and they walked right up to him to change his life.

When he saw them, the guy immediately broke down in tears and started to narrate his sad story. The man was homeless, and he had been stranded in the area for days. He needed to get back to his family in Seattle, but he didn’t even have a bus ticket. That’s why he was begging for money. What happened next is a real heart-warmer!

Officer Felix could have just cuffed the guy and took him in, but he choose to walk back to his car and fetch some $100 for the man’s bus fare!

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