Cops Stops Husband Rushing His Wife To Hospital, What Follows Is Shocking.. OMG!

Dana was fully pregnant, with the water almost breaking and labor approaching. Her hubby, James Reiner, knew he had to get her to the hospital before it was too late. They had a car, and that machine needed to be worked fast to get them to the hospital in time. James had to speed!

As they sped down the highway, a police car showed up behind them. The sirens were out and screaming for them to stop. But Dana was in bad shape and she begged her husband not to stop. They could work out the speeding “crime” after her delivery. The situation was getting too tense and James had to call 911 and explain his situation, and then he pulled over.

Well, things didn’t go as he imagine as the officer came screaming at him. At this time, James was scared of getting shot. He lay on the ground. He was taken in as the cops called an ambulance for Dana. You won’t believe where this man spent his time as his wife gave birth to a cute little baby.

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