Country Dad Teams Up With Daughter To Break The Internet With A Strong Dance. This Is Awesome!

If you’re yet to come across a good dance choreographed by some smart family members, today is your day!

More precisely, this is about a little daughter with a knack for dancing. She asked her dad to dance with her and they ended up shattering the whole internet!

Joshua Samarco isn’t a guy to shy away from a little daughter’s request for a dance. In fact, he’s also talented with good movements, as you’ll come to realize when you click this. His daughter Austynn has the kind of “acrobatic body” that allows her to pull off some moves that many people would find impossible. Now let it start!

Playing in the background is “Classic” by MKTO. It’s exactly the kind of song that allows them to work their perfect moves in perfect choreography. See how they swing and spin on that “dance floor.” By the end of it, your heart will have been stolen!

You can’t skip this. Just click and watch it all. You might want to join these two in this. Be sure to SHARE this and wow your friends too!

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