Couple Explains How They Came To Adopt The Little Girl. This Touched Me!

Even though it’s not common, parents neglect their children for the orphanage to cater for them because they are incapacitated.

Even if this does not hit the headlines, the good news is that there are some families that have started adopting them. Surely, these children need someone to give them love and care. If given that opportunity, they also can offer love to us and our friends too!

The video below features the adoption story of Sunflower Mae’s. The adoptive parents took over 2 years to finally have her with them. Mae and her adoptive parents were able to show a smile on the 11th of March, 2015, when they officially finished the adoption process!

What the judges did at the court and all the present, was so amazing! The parents finally marked the beginning of a new life with this lovely little girl! It is certain that when all the discrimination against disabled children will stop, the world will be a nice place to live in.

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