Cowboy Spots Some Guys With Sagging Trousers. His Reaction? You Will Laugh The Whole Day!

I don’t know where we are heading to with this kind of generation. It is not a lie when old people say that they grew up with a lot of education and respect, unlike the present kids. Back in the days, it was very rare to see or hear that kids have committed something wrong like dressing in a bad manner. In the clip below, we see how some cowboy from Texas got surprised with what he saw.

It was while the American cowboy was driving when he saw three teen boys wearing sagging pants. This shocked him a lot and decided to halt his car and say something about what he was seeing at that moment. The boys had their trousers practically at the knees which even made it hard for them to walk.

Still surprised, the guy had to say that the pants were meant to cover the behind and no one wanted to see what kind or brand of underwear they wear.

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