Customer Spots A Dollar Store Cashier Singing And Records, What Followed Is Beyond Words. WOW!

There are many reasons as to why many people like shopping at Dollar stores. Some will tell you they have a variety of products and some will say they are inexpensive. I’m one of those people who like variety when it comes shopping since I can get whatever I need in different styles and colors.

With a few bucks, you will be surprised with what you can buy. With a fraction of why I usually spend, the other day I managed to buy parchment paper and aluminum foil. That means I’m always left smiling whenever I go to shop at a Dollar store. In the clip below, you are meeting a lady who had a completely different experience when she went to shop at one Dollar General store.

Sharee Nakia from Lansing, Michigan, had visited a local Dollar General store to shop and when she wanted to pay, she came across an unbelievable cashier. The name of the cashier was Lucas Holliday. He was singing Maxwell’s Ascension and his voice was angelic.

That is when she decided to record his singing and post it on Facebook. Within a very short time, the video went viral and made Lucas a celebrity overnight. He even got an invitation from the Good Morning America show and when he showed up, I bet he got a lifetime surprise. He got the chance of singing with Maxwell on stage.

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