Dad Is Playing Guitar And Singing Along With His Little Daughter, Then… OMG!

If you’ve ever spent some quality time with a kid, then you know just how well to play along with their antics. A kid will always want to control the environment when they’re having some real fun, and adults have to tow the line or risk being frowned upon. This dad here has learned all those tricks, and now he and his little lady here are having the moment of their lives. I’m already impressed!

So this dad and daughter decided to do a duet of a really lovely song. The rhythm is cool, I must say. Now, the little lady seems to have a few tricks up her sleeve, though, so she takes it upon her smart self to lay down the “rules” of the game beforehand. Apparently, there are some fireworks “bursting” outside, and now these performers have to pause and listen to them every time a “shh!” comes out. You need to see this!

I’m really loving this. In fact, I had to reply this a few more times to get the fill of it. Check it out and do your thumbs ups to this duet. Please SHARE!


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