Dad Straps a GoPro to His Toddler’s Head Before a Game of Hide-and-Seek

Having time with your kids and playing with them is the loveliest thing you can ever imagine of. In the clip below, you will see the lovely moments of a family when the parents decided to play hide and seek with their little baby. Before starting to play, the father strapped a GoPro on the head of the baby before hiding.

When you watch the clip, you will see how the baby stops at a corridor to think on which place his parents may be hiding. Wow, the way he looks will leave you with that impression of the video games; I mean the searching technique, as he pops in a room and quickly changes his opinion of searching there.

While hiding in the closet, the parents of the little kid can clearly watch what the baby does using their phones. But while searching, a traitor to the parents appears. The puppy too seems to join the search and starts sniffing in the rooms for the owners. When the pup sniffs the closet where the parents were hiding, the kid decides to open it and definitely finds the parents hiding there.

Watch the clip below and if you are a parent, look for a GoPro and play with your kid. Please SHARE this lovely clip to all your family and friends on Facebook!


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