Dad Thinks That His Expectant Wife And Kid Have Died, Then … What A Miracle!

The Christmas Eve had started well for the Hermantorfer family as they were going to have a newborn baby. But as Tracey was in the delivery room trying to give birth, she suddenly died of cardiac attack.

Mike confessed that he just got out of control and felt that his heart had stopped to function when he saw what happened to his wife in front of nearly all of her family members.

Seeing that her heart had stopped to function, the doctors rushed her to an emergency C-section so as to save the baby, but also when the baby was born, he wasn’t breathing too!

Reporting, Dr. Stephanie said that Tracey showed no sign of being alive since she was not breathing, her heart was not beating and her complexion was turning gray. Then all of a sudden, Tracey started to breathe. This made the doctors hurry with the C-section to save her and also they put all efforts to rescue the baby which resulted positive.

The day that had started well, then went bad, ended well as the Hermanstorfer family were all able to go back home with their newborn baby boy. Mike said that it was like a miracle had happened to him for he had thought that he would lose his wife and kid.

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