Dad Vows To End Bullying After Losing His Son, Now Watch His Next Move…

It is very sad when a parent loses a kid. A father named Kirk Smalley of Oklahoma has numerously told the story of how his 11-year son passed away. Kirk who works as a construction worker saw that the world had no meaning when his son called Ty killed himself in 2010, as a result of being harassed. Actually, he died a week to graduating from his sixth grade.

Many fathers would have decided to sit down and do nothing but Kirk vowed to do something about it. When father’s day reached, a month and seven days after Ty’s death, Kirk decided to promise his dead son that he was going to end all the bullying in the world. So Kirk and his wife started to make trips 300 days a year so that he can educate people on the bad effects of bullying.

Kirk and his wife began giving lecturers totally free to children countrywide. He decided to narrate his touching story through his organization named Stand For The Silent, that has managed to reach more than 700,000 students all over the country using his own savings.

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