Dad Was 17 When He Last Saw His Son. 28 Years Later, TV Anchor Surprises Him – Emotional!

David Winkelspecht had a mission in mind. He considered selling his belongings; raise some money to travel so that he would meet his son and grandchildren.

David was 17 when he joined the army. He was not in a position to take care of his son. At the end of the service, David had lost track of his young family.

Distance and time away from his family created a disconnect between him and his son. David says he cannot fill that void.

David managed to track his son through his friend on Facebook. David’s attempt to gather enough funds for the reunion began.

However, the Fox5 Surprise Squad decided to help David. The crew offered him money for his belongings and fueled his car. The crew gave him a total of $1,000. The excited man made called his son informing him that he would be seeing him on Saturday.

The crew had one major surprise, and nobody saw that coming.

28 years later, father, son and grandkids met for the first time. Watch the emotional reunion in the video below.

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