Dead Son’s Angel Appears And Dad Reveals Something Unbelievable. Really?!!!

Doug Lauder still misses his son Kyle who died in an accident while going to a football stadium. The 20-year-old’s vehicle was hit by a semi-truck. The photo below was snapped by Brian Roth; whose grandson is a league football player. Though he was snapping his grandson, it has gone viral within a very short time.

In the photograph, we see an angel flying above the two little boys. It happened that Lauder was watching when Fox 2 was reporting the story.

Lauder instantly knew it was a message from his son. Kyle was trying to let him know that wherever he was, it was a good place.

Many things supported his conclusion. It is the same spot where his son had died. Coincidentally he was watching the news. The image appeared like an angel.

All those pointers made him feel it was the sign they had prayed for. He revealed to Fox 2 that he was 100 percent about his conclusion.

Ashley, Lauder’s daughter also has the same feeling as her father. When Kyle was alive, he liked to show-off. So she believes he will also do the same when the chance presents itself in another life.

Though Lauder knows not all will support his believe, he hopes it will comfort those who have lost their loved ones.

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