Defendant Exclaims With Shame Upon Being Recognized By The Judge!

Mindy Glazer, a judge at a Miami-Dade court, thought that she had recognized the defendant, while presiding over a burglary case.

She went ahead to question the man if he had gone to Nautilus, to which Arthur Booth, the defendant agreed amid a lot of shame while covering his face in embarrassment.

Glazer and Booth were both classmates at Nautilus Middle School. Glazer went ahead to say that she was very sorry to see him there for she had wondered what had happened to him. She went on to recall that Booth was the best student at the middle school, not forgetting the nicest one too, and that she used to play football with him.

It was sad that with time he had totally changed from the person he used to be. The judge then went ahead and wished him all the best and hoped he will change to lead a straightforward life.

We too would want to be proud of people we knew before and are at a better position like the way Arthur Booth found out.

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