Did You Have Such A Hairstyle At This Age? Watch Out For These Adorable Twins!

For those who know what I’m talking about, having twin boys can be so adorable. Meet Brandon and Allan, who are identical twins. The two were 3 years of age when this clip was recorded. On that day, their dad wanted to take them to the salon for a hair cut and at the same time, he secretly wanted to film a documentary that featured them. Nevertheless, convincing them to fall for the idea was not an easy task.

When the stylist blows the boys’ hair, you will notice then the amount of hair the two had. When they are done, they have some funky afros that will make you surprised to see boys at that age having. We see Brandon shed some tears when the haircutting process begins, but at the end he somehow loves the Rock-star in him when he does some poses while being recorded.

I like it when twins love the same style – and in this one, they seem to have the same taste when it comes to matters of hairdressing. Each and every moment I watched the two get dressed, I was happy with what I saw. We always love when our viewers smile, and when we came across this, we thought it will make you do it!

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