Disability Van Driver Teaches A Driver That She Wrongly Parked At A Disabled Spot.

The video below was done by the National Geographic. It is all about an experiment carried out to just teach a lesson to those who like parking at the handicapped reserved spots.

In it, we see a man who acts like a driver of the disability van driving around town in search of vehicles that are illegally parked at the disabled spaces.

Then, he highlights a SUV parked wrongly at the disabled space at a Jack Allen’s Kitchen in Austin, Texas. Actually, it was at just at the door of the restaurant which had no clear disabled signs.

That’s when the driver decided to teach her a lesson. He drove and parked the van just in front of the SUV, in a way that it completely blocked it. Then he opened the van’s door so that the passengers would come out one by one, but in a very slow manner.

The owner of the SUV finished eating and came out to as to enter her car and drive away. Upon looking, what she saw just killed her moods. She immediately knew that she must wait till the last passenger gets out of the van so as to go her way.

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