He Discovers That His Wife Had Already Given Out Their Daughter For Adoption. His Reaction? So Emotional!

There are some things that are done without our consent and Colby Nielson has an experience in that. On the 4th of November 2015, Colby and her wife welcomed a newborn baby in the world called Kaylee. Colby never knew that his wife had authorized other people who were friends to her parents to take the child, making him fight for his kid now.

Nielson said that when he modified the birth certificate and filed for paternity, he thought that he had done a wise thing. But the trouble came about when he and his lawyer learned that the adoption Laws of Utah gave the mothers the authority to allow their kids to be adopted without letting their real fathers to know. For this reason, Colby has no right of reclaiming his daughter back.

Looking at the issue, the adoption department said that Colby could have saved his daughter if he would have made a commencement notice that had the birth records, File a paternity action and an affidavit a day before the mother did the adoption form filling. Responding, Colby said that his wife told him a few hours before taking the action, which he termed as insufficient time to have done all that paperwork.

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