Do You Hate Ankle Blisters? Then This One Is For You!

Running shoes will always have those holes at the top, but maybe we’ve been having it backwards all the while!

These holes are meant to support the ankles, but it’s very probable that most people have been doing it all wrong!

Illumiseen is the running safety company that wants you to come away from the other side of doing things right, so they’ve come up with the perfect method of tying up your shoes to prevent blisters. And they want to show you that!

This video shows you how to tie your shoes properly when you want to keep away those painful blisters that result from the heel not snuggling well against your shoe. With this great advice, you also avoid the pains from your cramped toes when your feet rock forward when you run. Great!

Also, you get to know how to utilize those top holes properly by tying your shoe laces the smart way. The method is quite easy, so you don’t have to worry about having to cram too many procedures. It’s actually a cake-walk, or a jog in the park! (if you like).

Watch the video and learn good things!

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