Don’t Give In Easily If Child Protective Service Workers Visit You. This Will Shock You!

Just like Amanda Walker, self conscious, which is the inner feeling, will always guide you right. The feeling will always guide you on any occurrence, whether something is right or wrong. However, and most often, self conscious will initially never dictate the reason for its notification, but only comes to reveal after the full act happens. Let’s see how.

Although Amanda walker knew that something was amiss, she couldn’t tell the reason- that’s the rule of self conscious. Later, Amanda receives a call- a woman calls her from Child Protective Services. What might be wrong?

The woman went ahead to state that someone had offered information concerning Amanda’s negligence of her children. Besides, she notified Amanda that she should expect a visit soon. The news sounded amiss and confusing to Amanda.

Just as the woman on the phone call had notified Amanda, a few days later, two super dressed women visited her. The terrifying was, the two women never produced legal business cards of ID, they only produced a simple paper claiming to be a court order in search of the house. They stated that they had visited mainly to investigate Amanda and her children.

Immediately, Amanda contacted the police who in turn contacted the CPS and it was evident that there was no case for Amanda. Few days later, April Faulkner, another mother was in Amanda’s situation. A woman claiming to work together with CPS, visited April, and tried taking April’s child. After April realized that the woman wasn’t accompanied by police officers, she slammed the door, and immediately reported to the police.

Sure, Amanda and April have shared their terrifying stories in a bid to warn other parents to always request for proper identification as well as verifying any visitor in such situations by calling the CPS directly.

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