Don’t Hesitate To Call The Police If You Happen To See Someone With A Black Mark On The Hand!

  1. The Black DOT Campaign


The black dot campaign is movement that started on Facebook to help people who are suffering domestic abuse.

  1. They are In Danger


It looks like a simple black dot on their hands but in real sense, it means that they are in danger. They are suffering in silence because they are afraid to talk.

  1. You Should Not Ignore It.


If you see someone with a black dot at the centre of their palm, make a point of asking privately if they need help. You can even make a point of alerting the police of a possible domestic abuse.

  1. Helping others.


According to the organizers of the campaign, professionals recognized the black dot as a cry for help. It lets them know that you need and want help but you cannot ask for it. You cannot ask for is because you are afraid for your life since your abuser watches your every move.

  1. Survivor Story


A survivor recently shared the story of how her abusive husband abused her and followed her everywhere she went. That meant that she could not get help without risk further aggravated abuse if she failed to get help when she asked for it. She only managed to share it with a health consultant after she got a brief moment during the examination, when the curtains were drawn. She is pregnant. She drew a pen from his pocket, pulled his hand and wrote on it, “HELP ME.”

  1. Simple But Powerful


This Campaign is simple but powerful. Use it to help those who are in need.

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